Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

Seid vorsichtig beim Bänderkauf! Be careful when you buy ribbon!

Nicht jedes Farbenmix-Design ist von Farbenmix autorisiert hergestellt worden. Leider sind im Nachbarland billige Fälschungen im Umlauf die zwar das gleiche Kosten, aber vonr ganz schlechter Qualität sind. Uschi hat das sehr schön dokumentiert. Hüpft mal rüber und informiert Euch !!!

Not every Farbenmix-Design is made by Farbenmix or was authorized produced. In our neighbour country the Netherlands are unfortunately "cheap" counterfeits in circulation that cost the same but are of very bad quality. Uschi has documented this in detail. Please hop over to her blog and click on the pics to see the differences. The upper ribbon is the copy, the lower ribbon the original. Please be careful and only buy Farbenmix products at Farbenmix or in one of the many autorized shops !!! ... And spread the word ... The world is a small place, who knows where else these ribbons are being offered ...

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  1. So bad!!!!But, hey so glad you are back to the blogland, YAY!!!